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General rental conditions

1.1 In order for the vehicle to be granted for rental, it is compulsory, at the time of the confirmation of rental, to show an identity card and the regular and valid driver's license, a bank credit card (with numbers in relief and connected to the customer's  bank account) headed to the person holding the rental agreement.
This document is necessary to guarantee the rented vehicle and on it the authorization for the cautionary deposit is required.
In no case will the following be accepted as guarantee of the vehicle and as a form of a cautionary deposit (and thus the vehicle will not be rented): debit cards (e.g. ATM, the so-called "pre-paid" cards (for example "poste pay" and all those bearing the words "visa electron", in addition to any other card needing a money deposit  to make it active), cash or checks.
1.2 - Cautionary deposit - On collecting the vehicle by the lessee, a cautionary deposit of EUR 1,000.00 (one thousand) client from Tour Operator Euro 1400,00 (one thousand four hundred) should be paid by bank credit card  which will be refunded after returning and checking the vehicle. The Lessor will take 10 days for the external and internal control of the vehicle and therefore the cautionary deposit will be refunded after successful control (in case, deducted the damages caused to the vehicle). The failure to create a cautionary deposit in due time will result in the termination of the contract, with the right of the Lessor to withhold the amount paid for the rental. In case of damage or accidents, the deposit will be entirely collected until the settlement of disputes.
1.3 - Excess mileage and any damage - Payment of excess mileage and any damage to the vehicle shall be effected by deduction from the cautionary deposit, or by payment in cash or by credit card by the lessee. Moreover, the lessee is always directly responsible towards the Lessor for all damages caused to the rented vehicle, also beyond the amount of the cautionary deposit.
1.4 The vehicle can be driven only by the lessee and by the drivers listed at the time of execution of the rental contract.
The lessee will be personally responsible for the actions of the driver to whom s/he entrusted the vehicle.
1.5 All agreements between the lessor and the lessee will have to be concluded in writing.
1.6 The lessee and the people who can drive the vehicle must be aged between 21 and 70 (and with a driving license age of at least two years). Derogations are allowed by arrangement with the Lessor.
2.1 – The confirmation of the booking is subject to availability of the vehicles.
Upon confirmation of booking, the lessee shall pay a deposit corresponding to 40% of the total budgeted rental cost (if pick-up within 10 days or rent <7 nights full payment is required) and provide identity card, driving licence and fiscal code.
Payment can be performed by credit card or bank transfer or in cash. Booking is intended as confirmed upon receipt of the aforementioned deposit and after receiving the CONFIRMATION LETTER stating the terms of balance payment.
The lessee shall pay the balance of the budgeted rental amount at the Lessor's premises by credit card, or without it, by bank transfer or in cash , 30 days before departure. Without early settlement, the booking shall be considered cancelled with consequent loss of the paid deposit (see section 1.2).
The booking of the renting is binding and obligatory for the lessee, who subscribes the rental conditions and accepts the provisions contained therein, as well as for the Lessor in accordance with the limits provided for by contractual documentation.
In the event of a cancellation of a booking, this should be communicated in writing (fax or e-mail) as soon as possible, to avoid the payment of a percentage of the paid amount, as follows:
- until 60 days before the day of rental the loss is 50% of the amount  paid 
- from 59 to 0 days before the rental the loss will be 100% of the amount paid 
In case of unavailability of the vehicle due to major force occurred after the confirmation of the booking, the Lessor will propose the lessee another vehicle (with a higher or equivalent cost, with no additional charges for the customer) or another rental period having equal costs (or lower cost, by recognizing the difference to the lessee).
The lessor can accept in writing, or decline, in this case by demanding only the repayment of the amounts already paid, without further liability by the lessor.
3.1 The service includes: mileage and days as described in the LETTER OF RENTAL, insurance: RCA - motor third party liability (it ensures the damage caused to third parties), green card (for the extension of the RCA abroad), fire and theft (it covers the total loss of the vehicle due to theft, robbery or fire) with theft franchise of 10% of the value of the vehicle, Kasko partial - all risks insurance (it ensures the damage caused to the vehicle due to impact, collision, overturning), with damage franchise of EUR 1,400.00 per event, assistance to the vehicle and to the crew in Italy and abroad within the limits of the policy, VAT 22%, oil, maintenance, mechanical failure not due to negligence by the lessee.
Insurance coverage may be subject to uncovered amounts/franchises.
3.1a   Base supplied "Ready2Go" Kit. Description and cost in RECORD SHEET - DEPARTURE -
3.2 Fees do not include: franchise reduction, fuel/Adblkue, trip for returning, final cleaning and (gray and black) water emptying, transfer from the airport to the rental centre and vice versa (unless otherwise agreed), punctures, breaking of tires with related rims and all unspecified conditions. The vehicle should be returned with the same level of fuel it hat at the beginning of the rental. In case of gazole refuel not done, debit of 30€ for the service of refuel, increased of 4.00€/litre for the topping, in case of Ablue refule not done, debito of 15€ fot he service and 4,00€/litre for the topping..
3.3. Exclusions - What indicated below is not covered by any type of insurance:
tires and rims, damages inside the vehicle, frost damages, crew's personal properties, equipment malfunction (refrigerator / stove / boiler / stove / water pump), emptying of tanks, final cleaning, tolls, fuel, roof, pop-up canvas, awning, rental kit, windscreens, windows and portholes
4.1 The use of the rented vehicle should be made in such a way as to remain, in any case, covered by the insurance signed for it.
4.2 The lessee agrees to use the vehicle with the utmost diligence, in compliance of the rules of the Highway Code, in order to protect the safety of the persons being transported and the integrity of third parties, as well as of the things and of the rented vehicle.
4.3 3 In particular, the vehicle may not be used and driven:
a) for purposes other than transfer and housing. In particularly, the following are incompatible with this contract: 1) sub-renting of the vehicle 2) its loan (free loan) to people who are not among those stated by the lessee as part of the crew 3) the exercise, with the caravans, of any business, at any title, as the transport of persons, things, the sale of goods, etc.
b) in overload conditions and carrying a number of people higher than that authorized in the vehicle registration document  Children must sit on special seats and be secured with the appropriate belts.
c) on unpaved roads or "off-road"
d) by a person under the age of 21 (and who has the driving licence for at least two years) or higher than 70 and/or without a valid driving licence (unless otherwise agreed in writing)
e) by people in unsuitable conditions and not complying with the provisions of the traffic regulations of the country in which the vehicle is used (state of fatigue, drunkenness, disability, even temporarily, or under the influence of drugs, etc.)
f) for illegal purposes
g) for towing trailers not authorized by the Lessor.
h) for races or competitions
i) at speeds higher than those allowed by the traffic rules of the Country in which it is used and the maximum ones indicated by the manufacturer.
l) at an height exceeding 1500mt (Heating Altitude Kit not present)
m) in war zones and at risk of war
4.4 The use of the vehicle in violation of even just one of the provisions of sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 will result in the total loss of the paid deposit and in the immediate withdrawal of the vehicle, in addition to compensation for all damages caused to the vehicle, to the Lessor and to third parties. All civil, criminal or administrative responsibility that may arise from the violation of this article will be charged to the lessee. The lessee will promptly reimburse the Lessor any amounts advanced by it due to any infringements or arrange their direct settlement.
4.5 The lessee states s/he knows the rules for the motor insurance in Italy, the rules of the road and all the regulations in the Country of use.
4.6 - Custody of the vehicle - The lessee agrees, during stops, to leave the vehicle in guarded and, in any case, closed car parks. The lessee will be held answerable, and will be considered in any case responsible, for any damages in any way attributable to the lack of custody of the vehicle, as specified.
In the event that such damages exceed the amount of the cautionary deposit paid by the lessee, s/he will be obliged to compensate them in full, and in any case beyond the value of the deposit.
4.7 On all vehicles it is strictly forbidden to smoke/vape, even in the driver's cab . The failure to comply with this rule involves the payment of EUR 160.00 due to sanitation.
4.8 Any cleaning costs that would be necessary due to the non-compliance with the above will be charged to the lessee. The costs arising from the need to vent and/or elimination of smoke contamination, including the loss of profit for temporary inability to rent the vehicle due to that circumstance, will always be charged to the lessee (charge 200€)
4.9 Animals are generally allowed on board, with the obligation to report about their presence to the Management and after its indisputable assessment. Any damage caused by animals will be charged to its owner, along with any further cleaning and sanitation to be performed for the optimal restoring of the vehicle.
4.9.a It is absolutely prohibited to remove the advertising of the Lessor applied on the vehicle, otherwise a fee of  EUR 300€ will be charged
4.9.b If the gas cylinder runs out, it must be recharged. In the event that the purchase is necessary, the empty one supplied must be returned to the Lessor, otherwise € 60.00 will be charged. Curtains, blinds and mosquito nets, cover mattress must be kept clean (surcharge 50€)
4.9.c Seat and sofa cushions must be protected to avoid stains from liquids, drinks or various foods; in the event of stains, the pillow must be washed in the dry-cleaner's or a wash will be charged (€ 60 per pillow). Curtains, privacy and mosquito nets, mattress covers must be kept clean (penalty €50)
4.9.d Every 1000 km check: liquid levels of the engine (oil, coolant, Adblue) and tire pressure
4.9.e It is advisable NOT to drink the water from the tanks.
4.9.f In winter the use at a temperature lower than -10 ° is not recommended
5.1 The lessee agrees not to engage in behaviours and events that may cause the cancellation or the inapplicability of the insurance protection guaranteed by the insurance policy.
5.2 All transported belongings, clothes, shoes, cameras, phones, smart phones, tablets, camcorders, computers (or other items) are not covered by insurance, and moreover the insurance is considered void in case of driving under the influence of alcohol or under the effect of drugs and if the lessee has provided false information about his/her identity, address, etc. or submitted forged or inaccurate documents.
5.3 The insurance is moreover valid only for the countries covered by the green card. It is therefore forbidden to drive vehicles hired by the Lessor in countries not covered by the green card.
5.4 The campers are insured pursuant to art. 3.1
5.5 The Lessor has the need to monitor its fleet of vehicles, pursuant to art. 13 of the privacy code based on the principle of correctness of the treatment envisaged by art. 11 paragraph 1 letter a) of the privacy code. We inform the Lessee that, in order to protect the Lessor and the Lessee from risks of theft or fraud, it is possible that satellite devices are installed on the vehicles that can reveal the location of the vehicle, speed or driving behaviour .
The data collected is stored in compliance with all safety requirements for a maximum period of 1 year after which they will be deleted, these data cannot be consulted by other parties and are made available only when strictly necessary, only in the event of theft or failure to return the vehicle within the prescribed deadlines, as well as to claims of anomalous accidents and events to judicial authorities, insurance companies, law firms and companies specializing in the prevention and management of theft, claims and to use or make use of content for each action. own protection.
6.1 – Damage to the vehicle - The lessee will be directly responsible for any violation of the laws regulating traffic and parking.
6.2 In any case of vehicle stealing, of all or part of the equipment, fire or accident, the lessee should inform the lessor within 12 h at the phone numbers listed on the Departure Record Sheet. Failing that, s/he will be directly responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the failure to disclose this to the company, whether they are towards the vehicle, the Lessor or third parties.
in any case of damage, the lessor will assess the extent of the damage and notify the lessee whether the rental may continue or it will be necessary to return the vehicle to the premises with nothing due from the lessor in compensation. Failure to do so will result in all costs arising from the damage caused being borne entirely by the lessee
In case of theft, the lessee moreover should return the keys of the vehicle to the Lessor, otherwise the failure to do so will result in the total responsibility for the entire value of the vehicle due to the loss of any insurance franchise.
6.3 In case of damages to property of third parties or suffered by third parties, the lessee should fill in all the parts of the form of the agreed motor accident statement and have it signed by the other party. The form is supplied with the documents of the vehicle.
In any other case, the lessee is required to request the intervention of the police and ensure that on the records, or reports of accidents, names and addresses of the involved persons, witnesses and license plates of the involved vehicles are indicated. The lessee will have to obtain a copy of police reports and have a copy sent to the Lessor within 24 hours from the accident. The lessee also cannot accept responsibility for, or act in the name and on behalf of the Lessor.
In the event of accident, the lessee should immediately inform the Lessor by phone and fill in a CAI (agreed motor accident statement) with the counterparty form available on the vehicle and have it sent to the Lessor within 24 hours from the event. 
In any case, the lessee is obliged to request the intervention of the Police Authorities and ensure that on accident records or reports the names and addresses of the involved persons, witnesses and license plates of other vehicles are indicated. The lessee shall obtain from the Police Authorities a copy of the documents indicating the above details in case of accident.
In case of theft and total or partial fire, of all or part, the lessee is obliged to file a regular report with the competent authorities, providing the original copy of the report to the Lessor immediately after the discovery of the event, in any case within 24 hours.
In case of damage or faults, the Lessor should be adequately informed within 24 hours from the event.
Since they are not insurable, any limitation of liability is not effective and is void in case of damage caused intentionally or through negligence, for damage to upholstery, for damage to furniture and interior systems, as well as for damages resulting from refuelling with fuel different than the one provided for the rented vehicle and for damages resulting from repairs carried out directly by the lessee, without the consent of the Lessor.  
6.4 It will also be charged to the lessee, where the damage was caused by him/her, the daily cost of the stopped vehicle for repairs, that will be added to the daily rental rate in force on that date.
6.5 The lessee moreover authorizes the Lessor, in case of damages to the vehicle, to collect and retain the entire deposit until the compensation by the insurance company. The cautionary deposit, minus the amount not compensated by the insurance and after the other deductions indicated by the general conditions, as applicable, will be returned to the lessee at the time of compensation by the insurance company.
6.6 In case of violation of traffic rules and of the provisions of the Sections 9 and 10 indicated below, the lessee will be responsible for the full amount of the damage or loss, and authorizes the Lessor to collect and retain the entire deposit up to compensation.
6.7 The lessee is responsible for the loss or breakage of the key of the vehicle, whose replacement will be charged to him/her (€ 350,00)
In case of seizure of the vehicle by the competent authority, for any offense committed during the rental period, the lessee should require the release from seizure as soon as possible and return it at the headquarters of the Lessor, taking the whole responsibility to reimburse the Lessor for the damage due to loss of profit for each day of delay, at a double rate with reference to the one agreed in the rental proposal.
6.8 The lessee is responsible for any failure resulting in case of unsuitable fuel supply.
7.1 The Lessor takes no responsibility for any damage the crew of one of its vehicles and their properties may suffer after the delivery of the vehicle to the lessee.
7.2 Il The Lessor shall be also relieved of all shortcomings, failures or other defects not resulting from the delivery report (day of handover of the vehicle) that the lessee will have drawn up together with the employees of the rental centre.
7.3 Similarly, the Lessor shall not be responsible for errors that could occur due to involuntary delays, mechanical failures, equipment malfunction (refrigerator / stove / boiler / stove / water pump), service employees' negligence, interruption or delay of the trip due to illness, natural disasters, strikes, wars, bad weather, quarantines, etc.
7.4 In cases of forced interruption of the journey, the lessee is required to timely inform the Lessor, in any case within the first 24 hours, so that they can provide for the recovery of the vehicle in the most appropriate way, by charging the related costs to the lessee.
7.5 Similarly, the Lessor shall not be responsible for involuntary mistakes and delays or not attributable to the Lessor, occurred before the delivery of the vehicle or coinciding with it.
7.6 The Lessor moreover shall not be liable for any events that would occur after the delivery of the vehicle and that made the use the vehicle partially or completely impossible, such as illness or other lessee's impediments, including the inability to make the expected use of the vehicle, due to failures, accidents, equipment malfunction (refrigerator / stove / boiler / stove / water pump) also caused by third parties and covered by insurance, natural disasters, strikes, wars, quarantine, theft of the vehicle, etc. In these cases, the lessee is anyway obliged to pay the entire rent.
7.7 The Lessor reserves the right to postpone the starting of the rental under this contract due to mechanical failures, other impediments or delays depending on force majeure. In case of delays exceeding 48 hours, the Lessor shall promptly warn the lessee, who may obtain a refund of the paid amount and the cancellation of the contract, without that any other amount is due by the Lessor as compensation.
7.8 No refund will also be recognized for the early return of the vehicle, if not agreed with the Lessor.
8.1 The vehicle is delivered to washed, cleaned and disinfected the lessee.
The collection and return of vehicles will take place at the Lessor's premises, unless otherwise agreed and specified in the contract. The vehicle should be collected and returned during the Lessor's opening hours. A rental day is considered as having 24 hours, with a tolerance of 59 minutes; after this time, a further one day rental will be charged.
The vehicle is available for collection on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise agreed.
The vehicle should be returned on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 09.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m., unless otherwise agreed.
For week-end rentals, it will be available (check-in) from Friday afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and should be returned (check-out) on Monday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., unless otherwise agreed with the Lessor.
No deliveries for collections on Saturday, Sunday, holidays and pre-holidays. Unless otherwise agreed.
8.2. The vehicle is kept available up to a maximum of 90 minutes after scheduled time (unless otherwise agreed with ample notice). After this time, and without notice, the delivery of the vehicle could not be carried out or postponed to the time and date to be agreed with the Lessor.
8.3 Should, due to any reason, the lessee delay the return of the vehicle, s/he will be obliged to immediately inform the Lessor who will, where possible, authorize the delayed delivery by specifying the terms and conditions.
8.4 The duration of the rental period cannot be extended unless confirmed by the Lessor, to be required without exceptions at least two days before the deadline. Failing this notification, the Lessor reserves the right, within 24 hours from the time and date agreed for delivery, to report the failure to return to the police authorities.
8.5 In all cases of delayed delivery of the vehicle, not agreed with the Lessor, the  lessee  will be charged an amount equal to four times the daily rate for each day of delay or fraction thereof. In case of agreed delays, the normal fee will apply.
8.6 The costs arising from the fact that the next lessee, or other person, assert their rights against the Lessor for delayed collection of the vehicle caused by the previous lessee, will be charged to the previous lessee.
8.7 The delivery of the camper at the airport (Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate or Milan-Bergamo Orio al Serio) will be possible only if the cautionary deposit has been already performed.
8.8 Travels to war zones and at the risk of war are prohibited.
8.9 It is possible to park for free no. 1 car per rented vehicle in the fenced external parking lot, without any liability by the Lessor.
9.1. The lessee will be exposed, before starting the journey, detailed instructions on the vehicle by the experts of the Lessor, at the renting premises where the vehicle is delivered. On this occasion, a RECORD SHEET - DEPARTURE will be drawn up - which should be signed by both parties and in which the lessee states s/he has inspected the vehicle and the related equipment on board and that s/he has verified its good maintenance conditions and the absence of manifest defects, as well as the compliance of the supplies with the attached inventory.
9.2. The lessee will be required, upon returning of the vehicle, to perform a final check of the vehicle together with the employees of the rental centre, with the drafting of an ARRIVAL RECORD SHEET to be signed by the lessor and the lessee. Any damage not noted in the delivery protocol, but encountered upon returning, will be charged to the lessee. 
9.3. At the drop off the vehicle should be returned in the same conditions of the pick up:
a perfect state of internal cleanliness (€ 200.00 for non-cleaning)
Clean bathroom area (toilet, shower, sink, mirror and relative floor) avoid products that contain bleach or ammonia as ruin the surfaces.
Clean kitchen (stove, refrigerator, drawers and cabinets, tables)
Cabin, body, lockers clean
If the refrigerator and furniture have not been emptied, the cost of disposing of anything left inside the motor home is €50, even if you have requested final cleaning.
With waste water tank completely emptied (failure to empty € 150.00)
 With the chemical toilet box perfectly empty and clean (no emptying € 150.00)
9.4 The lessee shall indemnify the rental centre for all damages, deficiencies and defects of the vehicle and its equipment recorded at the time of the drop off (Payment must be made at the drop off, according to the price list available at the Rental Center (in the event of damage not immediately quantifiable, the Lessee must pay a deposit of € 500) or notified him within 10 days from the drop off (see section 1.2)
The vehicle is equipped with a "Ready2Go" Kit (described in the RECORD SHEET - DEPARTURE -).The addition of other products, such as WC CLEANERS, TOILET PAPER are available against payment upon request.
9.5 In the event of failure of the odometer, the lessee should immediately inform the Lessor. In case of its tampering, found upon returning, the lessee will be charged the amount corresponding to the cost of 400 km per day for each day of rental.
9.6 The lessee agrees to take care of the maintenance of the vehicle entrusted to him/her with the utmost diligence, in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance manual, to protect the water systems from freezing, to change engine oil, if foreseen during his/her journey (the cost will be fully repaid by the Lessor upon handing of regular invoice addressed to the same lessee) and to perform any other service necessary to keep the vehicle in good working order.
10.1 The costs related to the repair of mechanical breakdowns, anticipated by the lessee during the rental period, if not attributable to the absence of ordinary diligence by the lessee, shall be reimbursed at returning on presentation of a regular invoice addressed to the Lessor, showing the performed repairs analytically and accompanied by the eventually replaced parts.
10.2. Cost estimates exceeding EUR 50.00 should be authorized by the Lessor.
10.3. Repairs will anyway be performed, when possible, at workshops approved by the manufacturer of the vehicle. It is the lessee's responsibility to check the levels and provide for scheduled maintenance during the rental period.
10.4. The lessee agrees to solve any inconvenience that should occur during the rental period, by taking advantage, when possible, of the Lessor's suggestions and of the support of the operations centre for roadside assistance.
10.5 It is forbidden to abandon the rented vehicle in case of any type of suffered failure; the lessee will immediately contact the Lessor to make the appropriate arrangements to put the vehicle into safely conditions.
11.1 In case of non-payment of motorway tolls, the Lessor will charge, in addition to the cost of the toll, an additional amount of EUR 30.00 for administrative expenses. If the Telepass device is used, it is compulsory to cancel the pairing of the number plate on the day of return.
11.2 The Lessor undertakes to submit to the management, within two days, by hand or by mail, the reports notified by the Public Authorities, otherwise the compensation for the damage due to the inability of defence will be charged.
In case of violation of traffic regulations the Lessor will charge in addition to the amount of the fine, an additional amount of Euro 30.00 to cover administrative costs in recovery. The lessee is solely responsible for fines, penalties and fines high against him.
11.3 In case of unpaid toll on a Highway Pedemontana Lombarda, the Lessor will charge a flat rate of €15.00.
For anything not otherwise regulated herein, the applicable laws will apply. The interpretation of the Italian text of this contract prevails, in case of diversity, over the English text because it expresses the exact will of the parties.
All disputes arising in connection with the validity, interpretation, execution and termination of the rental agreement will fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the competent Court where the Lessor has its registered offices, namely the Court of Busto Arsizio - Varese- Italy.















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